• Steinheil

    Steinheil, Steinheilstraße 16. Steinheil doesn’t look like much actually. It only becomes clear why this place is so busy when [read more]

  • Die Puppenstube

    Puppenstube, Luisenstraße 68. As soon as you enter this little corner shop, you feel observed. What seem like hundreds of [read more]

  • Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten

    Herrmannsdorfer, Augustenstraße 78. Originally intended as an exit from industrial food production, today it might well be described as a [read more]

  • Pachmayr

    Pachmayr Laden, Theresienstraße 33. This lovely off-licence woos customers with a charming facade. But the three-dimensional sign advertising “MINERAL WATER” [read more]

  • Werkstatt Höflich

    Werkstatt Höflich, Enhuberstraße 6-8. Admittedly, those entering this rear courtyard would never guess at the quality of craftsmanship concealed behind [read more]

  • Suckfüll

    Suckfüll, Türkenstraße 21. Yes, they do indeed still exist: shops in which one always finds a solution. And if it’s [read more]

  • Stoff & Co.

    Stoff & Co., Augustenstraße 76. Bérengère Croué comes from France, and has imported her love of beautiful fabrics with her [read more]

  • Schelling-Salon

    Schelling-Salon, Schellingstraße 54. One could write a novel about the house alone. So many famous figures have passed through the [read more]

  • The Munich Readery

    The Munich Readery, Augustenstraße 104. John Browner describes his shop on Augustenstrasse as the “largest English-language secondhand-book shop in Germany”. [read more]

  • Obststand Didi

    Obststandl Didi, Universität subway station, Ludwigstraße. Those who haven’t yet made Didi’s acquaintance are immediately outed as non-Maxvorstadters. At the [read more]

  • Weinhandlung Schirnding

    Weinhandlung Schirnding, Luisenstraße 22. Fernando von Schirnding understands marketing. The first thing you notice is the tiny “Cinquecento” with a [read more]

  • Galerie Thomas Modern

    Galerie Thomas Modern, Türkenstraße 16. The Maxvorstadt district is well known as one of the very best places for art [read more]

  • Collector’s Corner

    Collector´s Corner, Augustenstraße 39, corner of Rottmannstraße. Fabius von Baranow doesn’t talk much—he lets his stock speak for itself. And [read more]

  • Werkstatt Galerie

    Werkstatt – Galerie, Zentnerstraße 3. Craftsmanship plus art? Or should one say it’s a gallery with goldsmiths? Whichever way round, [read more]

  • Rossini

    Rossini, Türkenstraße 76. Once the Romagna Antica restaurant was made famous beyond Munich’s borders by Helmut Dietl in the film [read more]

  • Amsel Fashion

    Amsel Fashion, Adalbertstraße 14. We would sum up Alexandra von Frankenberg’s business concept as “dirndl reloaded”. Her new take on [read more]

  • Carta Pura

    Carta Pura, Schellingstraße 71. This shop with the gorgeous paper has been here for over 25 years. Whoever calls in [read more]

  • Alter Simpl

    Alter Simpl, Türkenstraße 57. At the beginning of the last century, the red bulldog emblem of the satirical magazine, Simplicissimus, [read more]

  • Antiquariat Hammerstein

    Antiquariat Hammerstein, Türkenstraße 37. If you’re looking for original pages from “Simplicissimus”, an old coffee-table book about Tibet, or perhaps [read more]

  • Hammerstein & Maier

    Hammerstein & Maier, Augustenstraße 101. This is probably the smallest café in the Maxvorstadt district. Petra Hammerstein and Corinna Maier [read more]

  • Cafe Jasmin

    Cafe Jasmin, Steinheilstraße 20. Older people can still remember a time when all cafés looked like this. Venetian blinds on [read more]

  • Käse Abt

    Käse Abt, Schellingstraße 115. It’s now common knowledge that cheese is something very special, with a lot more to offer [read more]

  • Schmock

    Schmock, Augustenstraße 52. Gault Millau offers exactly the right description: “Superior service, excellent quality and a large pinch of Jewish [read more]

  • Super Danke!

    Super, Danke! Türkenstraße 66, corner of Schellingstraße. A little shop that is both creative and off-the-wall. The “organic liquids” on [read more]

  • Osteria Italiana

    Osteria Italiana, Schellingstraße 62. This restaurant is said to be one of Italy’s first culinary advances north of the Alps. [read more]

  • Metzgerei Anton Bichler

    Metzgerei Anton Bichler, Barerstraße 45. Anton Bichler knows how to handle sharp knives—but don’t worry, he’s friendly and good as [read more]