The eight buildings of the ensemble share a basement level and an underground garage. The buildings on Theresienstrasse have five storeys plus an attic level, while the courtyard buildings are four-storey plus an attic level.

Access and Service
All of the buildings are barrier-free and can be accessed from the ground floor and the underground garage. Each building has its own lift. A Service Point is located on the ground floor of Building 2. From Theresienstrasse two of the front buildings give access to the courtyard area.

Flat sizes
Studio flat of approximately 30 square metres up to eight-room flat with an area of approximately 335 square metres.

Flat types
Choose from 60 different options, ranging from studio flat to maisonette with own entrance, to spacious flat with roof terrace. Around 30 per cent of the flats are designed to be completely barrier free in accordance with the Bavarian Planning Ordinance. Some of the flats have a directly adjoining basement space with access to the basement level.

Outdoor area
Choose between flats with private gardens, balconies, loggias, roof terraces and roof gardens. Terraces on the ground floor and roof terraces are all fitted with an outdoor mains tap. The communal footpaths, green space and play areas have an area of approximately 2,570 square metres. A child day care centre in Building 2 has places for up to 20 children.

Character and Identity
116 flats, each virtually unique, offer unparalleled choice. Superior materials have gone into producing a confidently stylish composition. The different shapes and colours, the lavish greenery and the vibrant way in which the individual buildings are linked combine to create a powerfully coherent identity. A child day care centre in Building 2 has play space for up to 20 children.